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The Answers Book for Kids - Volume 1

The Answers Book for Kids - Volume 1
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    Author: Ken Ham
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Series: Answer Book for Kids
    Ages: 6 to 12
    Size: 6 X 6
    Total Pages: 48
    For Grades: 1 to 6
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    The Answers Book for Kids is broken down by topic and written for children ages 7–11. This volume answers 22 questions from kids on Creation and the Fall. Written in a friendly and readable style, the book is also indexed so children can quickly find the answers they are looking for.

    Sometimes parents aren’t nearby to answer a question. Sometimes a parent is unsure of an answer. Sometimes a child doesn’t know how to ask the question that challenges their faith. And sadly, sometimes a child doesn’t have a parent to lead them in their spiritual life. The Answers Books for Kids are another exceptional tool from Answers in Genesis to help children grow in knowledge, faith, and wisdom.