Animal Adventures by Thomas C. Hinkle - Set of 12

Animal Adventures by Thomas C. Hinkle - Set of 12
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    Author: Thomas C. Hinkle
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: AB Publishing
    Series: Animal Adventures
    Ages: 10 and Up
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
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    These stories published around the 1930s are still beloved by children today.

    Titles include:

    Bing: The Story of a Tramp Dog

    Bing is born a tramp dog. His life is not easy. He has to constantly battle just to survive. Bing finds acceptance with farmer Joe Harlan. However, the dog is soon blamed for the killings of the farmer's livestock. Join Bing as he tries to prove his innocence.

    Dusty: The Story of a Wild Dog

    Old Grey, a she-wolf, adopts a pup, Dusty, after a freak accident leaves him abandoned. Old Gray tries to instill fear of humans into the pup, but only partially succeeds. The pup later grows up to become a valuable part of young Matt Henderson's life. Join Dusty as he fights for his very survival.

    Tornado Boy: A Horse of the West

    The scourge of the West, horse rustlers, drive Tornado Boy and his mother far away. For three years the young horse suffers almost beyond human comprehension. Having to pull a wagon for Crazy Barney, fight a wild stallion, and survive an ice storm are just some of the battles this young horse has to overcome.

    Black Storm

    No one could ride Black Storm—no one but Joe Bain, the only cowboy the great horse trusted. Then one night the black gelding was stolen.


    Banished by the only man he loves, Shag nearly dies from wolf fight wounds. This is the story of how Shag at last wins his master's confidence and saves him in a blinding blizzard.

    Blackjack: A Ranch Dog

    Blackjack's mother was a huge black dog, probably part Northfoundland, and so Jack was also a huge dog.

    Clark Preston claimed Jack as his own and the pair did a lot of hunting together. Wild dogs were a menace to the cattlemen in the area and Blackjack proved that he could stand up to any of them on the day of reckoning.

    Black Tiger

    Jim is overjoyed when he finally captures the black colt Tiger and his mother, Old Snorter. The pair escape after a good long while, but Black Tiger still has some good memories of Jim.

    Horse thieves give Black Tiger some bad treatment, but in the end, Jim's efforts with the colt paid off.

    Bugle: A Dog of the Rockies

    When this great Irish wolf-hound was a puppy he nearly died from poisoning. Mary became his hero as she nursed him back to life.

    A man-eating and cattle-killing grizzly bear raised fear and havoc among ranchers near and far. As the drama of this story unfolds, the reader can feel the love that this dog had for Mary, who saved his life.

    Bugle got the chance to turn the tables to save Mary's life when he met the grizzly face to face.

    Cinchfoot: The Story of a Range Horse

    Based on a true story of the friendship between the stallion, Cinchfoot, and the gelding, Blaze Face, who roam together on the range. Both are champion buckers and are caught several times only to regain their freedom.


    Tawny was considered an outlaw form the day he was born. With a price of one thousand dollars on his golden hide, he was hunted more relentlessly than any timber wolf on the range.

    Running, dodging, hiding—the handsome, crafty dog escaped the guns and lariats, the poison and traps set to ensnare him. But Tom Harper, the range boy, was Tawny's friend.

    Tom and Tawny loved and trusted each other, and though it nearly cost their lives, they finally proved to the cow country that Tawny was not a born killer, but born a gentleman.

    Tomahawk: Fighting Horse of the Old West

    Dan Arnold claimed Tomahawk after he was captured as a colt. They were very attached to each other. But at six years of age a blizzard drove him far from home.

    He suffered in numerous ways from man and beast, nearly getting trampled by a huge cattle stampede.

    Dan and Tomahawk are together again when the outlaw cow fight takes all the courage Tomahawk could muster.

    Trueboy: The Story of a Great Dog

    Banished by the only man he loves, Shag nearly dies from wolf fight wounds. This is the story of how Shag at last wins his master's confidence and saves him in a blinding blizzard.