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Animal Clues - Set of 3

Animal Clues - Set of 3
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    Author: Joanne Randolph
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Rosen
    Series: Animal Clues
    Ages: 4 to 7
    Size: 7¾ X 7½
    Total Pages: 24
    For Grades: Pre-K to 1
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    This series is a fun and simple introduction to animal adaptations that really gets young readers involved. Each book asks readers to guess which animal belongs to the feature they see in a close-up photo. Then the reader turns the page to discover who belongs to those toes, eyes, teeth, backs, or noses. A beautiful, kid-friendly design and inviting text will bring readers back to these books again and again.

    Each book includes:

    • Full-color Photographs
    • Glossary
    • Index

    Titles include:

    Whose Nose Is This?

    "Which animal has a nose with two pointy horns?" It is questions like these, coupled with beautiful photographs, which will invite young readers into the wonderful world of animals.

    Whose Teeth Are These?

    Long teeth, cone-shaped teeth, teeth like knives–there's a whole world of animal teeth out there!

    Whose Tongue Is This?

    From kittens to giraffes, readers will learn that there are as many different tongues as there are animals. A kid-friendly title that will really speak to a child's inquisitive side.