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And the Bride Wore White DVD

And the Bride Wore White DVD
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    ISBN: 9780802483423
    Author: Dannah Gresh
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: And the Bride Wore White
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    According to the Heritage Foundation, a girl who has voluntary sex in her early teens will go on to have up to thirteen non-marital partners in her life. It's not like when I was a teen. The culture invites today's girls to fix their broken heart with yet another sexual liaison. But instead of raising their spirits, sex raises their rates of sexually transmitted disease, poverty, and depression.

    But together you and I can make a difference.

    The pressure to have premarital sex is intense—even for girls who strive to be faithful to Christ. But we can provide encouragement and practical tips to help our young women embrace a lifestyle of purity until their wedding and beyond.

    Used in conjunction with And the Bride Wore White Leader's Guide and Companion Guide, this DVD offers an easy and fun way to spark honest conversations about sex. With these tools you'll show the girls in your sphere of influence how to:

    • Identify the difference between being innocent and being pure
    • Commit to keep God first and save sex for marriage
    • Create a goal for godly marriage by deciding to date only Christians
    • Learn how to get out of questionable situations
    • Begin the process of healing from sexual sin if it exists in their lives
    • and much more...

    And the Bride Wore White DVD is perfect for small group study or for a lively girls-only retreat. I've done all the hard work. All you have to do is care about today's young women. And push play.

    DVD includes bonus tracks.