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And Then I Had Teenagers

And Then I Had Teenagers
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    ISBN: 9780800787912
    Author: Susan Alexander Yates
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Revell
    Size: 4½ X 7
    Total Pages: 256
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    "What if I've already messed up my kid?"

    "What if she turns out like me?"

    "What if he gets into drugs?"

    "What if he rejects God?"

    If you have questions like these, Susan Alexander Yates, best selling author of And Then I Had Kids, has guidance and encouragement for you. Drawing from her experience raising five teenagers, Yates walks you through everything from preparing for the teen years to letting your teens go. Her insight will help you create open communication, set limits, understand what's normal (and what's not!), take advantage of peer pressure, build your teens' faith, and much more.

    You can survive these crazy years and grow closer to your teens even as you prepare them for life after high school. Susan Alexander Yates shows you how!