Making Sauerkraut - Alive Natural Health Guide

Making Sauerkraut - Alive Natural Health Guide
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    ISBN: 9781553120377
    Author: Klaus Kaufmann, DSc and Annelies Schoneck
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Books Alive
    Series: Alive Natural Health Guides
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    Discover the healing properties of Lactic Acid-Fermented Foods!

    We all know that a diet of fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables, eaten in season, is a foundation for good health. Did you know that some foods, preserved through traditional methods, also have a role to play? Homemade sauerkraut, pickles, and other lactic acid-fermented foods are superior to their store-bought equivalents, both in flavour and healing properties.

    With this book, discover the simple remedies and healing agents found in lactic acid-fermented foods. Step-by-step recipes will guide you, the modern reader, through centuries-old methods.

    Did you know?

    • Sauerkraut eliminates disease-causing bacteria and reintroduces friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus, to the digestive system.
    • Lactic acid-fermented foods contain potent enzymes that boost metabolism.
    • Lactic acid-fermented recipes are excellent for those with lactose intolerance and weakened digestive systems.
    • Lactic acid-fermented foods are a useful part of holistic cancer therapy.
    • Sauerkraut contains substances that improve sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the heart.