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Adventures in Odyssey Albums #59 to #69 - Pack of 11 CDs

Adventures in Odyssey Albums #59 to #69 - Pack of 11 CDs
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    Author: Focus on the Family
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Adventures in Odyssey
    Ages: 7 and Up
    Size: 5½ X 5
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 2 hours per album
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    These albums of the popular Adventure in Odyssey series celebrate new beginnings, marriage, family, and friends!

    Each album contains 2 CDs; has six episodes for approximately 2 hours of listening enjoyment.

    Titles include:

    Taking the Plunge - Adventures in Odyssey CD #59

    Will Penny "take the plunge" and say yes to Wooton's marriage proposal? Will Eugene solve a mystery about missing money? Will Buck make the right kind of new friends? Will Olivia discover how to create a perfect family?

    Head Over Heels - Adventures in Odyssey CD #60

    Will Wooten meet with Penny's family's approval? And will Penny believe the best about Wooten even after the evidence seems to pile up against him? Meanwhile, others in town are asking questions of their own: The Parker family wonders if Mom will ever learn how to ride a bike, Whit unexpectedly questions whether his daughter should move to town, and Emily wonders how an unknown hero is thwarting the robberies across town.

    Without a Hitch - Adventures in Odyssey CD #61

    In this Adventures in Odyssey volume, wedding bells are finally ringing for Penny Wise and Wooton Bassett, but the journey to the altar takes several unexpected side roads. Meanwhile, the Jones and Parker Detective Agency faces its most perplexing case yet, Olivia and Matthew compete against each other for student body president, and Whit finds himself in the middle of a feud between two warring clans.

    Let's Put On a Show - Adventures in Odyssey CD #62

    Restoration and new beginnings take center stage as the folks from Odyssey learn about compassion and friendship.

    Up In the Air - Adventures in Odyssey CD #63

    Things are definitely up in the air in Odyssey! First, Wooton Bassett returns from his honeymoon with two problems—Penny is missing and he's lost his memory! While Whit, Connie, and Jason try to help Wooton find Penny, Buck Oliver rescues Jules from a crash course of disaster. And a mystery is solved only after Emily and Matthew's friendship is threatened. You'll learn the meaning of true friendship and integrity in six episodes of heart-changing, risk-taking adventure!

    Under the Surface - Adventures in Odyssey CD #64

    A scuba-diving adventure leads to an unlikely investigation as Wooton and Penny try to find the owner of a camera they discovered at the bottom of Trickle Lake. And that's not the only long-hidden secret being uncovered in Odyssey!

    When Whit sends Olivia and Matthew on an Imagination Station adventure to Old Testament days, the pair discovers that their heroes have unpleasant dark sides too. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency investigates an author's long-lost final manuscript and discovers that the mystery may be bigger than they ever imagined. And after Buck laments his lack of family connections, Eugene takes him on a road trip to find more about the boy's bewildering personal history.

    Expect the Unexpected - Adventures in Odyssey #65

    There's never a dull moment in the town of Odyssey. From a mysterious police investigation to an internship at a funeral home, every situation leads to unexpected results. When Zoe Grant and Olivia Parker start a new talk show, they reluctantly choose Jay Smouse as their first guest. But his talent of stuffing his mouth with jelly beans leads to frantic and frightening consequences. An impromptu Parker family picnic turns into an unusual opportunity for David as he decides to go to extreme lengths to prove a point to his kids about initiative.

    Meanwhile, Morrie Rydell has a few tricks up his sleeve as he decides to see just how far Olivia will go to keep a promise. And Buck and the Meltsners face a sudden dilemma when a social worker questions Eugene and Katrina's role as Buck guardians. Don't miss out on a single shock, twist, or turn as the folks in Odyssey learn about fame, friendship, family, and more in these six exciting stories. It's no surprise that you never know what will happen next when you have an adventure in Odyssey.

    Trial by Fire - Adventures in Odyssey #66

    After years of searching for his true identity, Buck Oliver may finally get some answers. But along with clues about his family, he also is subjected to the dangers of his past. Buck’s old mentor, Mr. Skint arrives in town with an offer that would take Buck away from Odyssey for good. Elsewhere, Connie feels unappreciated when Jules starts looking up to new roommate Jillian more than her own sister. And the crew at B-TV chart a course deep into the ocean to learn more about the concept of the Trinity. Dramatic conclusions and fresh beginnings abound in these six entertaining and inspiring adventures in Odyssey!

    More Than Meets the Eye #67

    Album 67, More Than Meets the Eye, explores six stories on trust, sacrifice and forgiveness.

    Out of the Blue #68

    Jaw-dropping surprises in store!

    Best Kept Secrets #69

    6 Stories on Justice and Identity