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Adventure Series - Set of 14

Adventure Series - Set of 14
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    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Series: Adventure Series
    Ages: 6 to 12
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    Kids get ready for adventure! Within the pages of these 15 books, you'll travel around the world to discover new people, animals, places and experiences! Take a Wild West adventure or an exotic Amazon journey or learn more about the Himalayas. These exciting stories are based on the real experiences of missionaries.

    Inside - Wild West Adventures

    Titles Include:

    African Adventures

    These are three words that sum up this amazing continent. But with some of the fiercest animals in the world the continent of Africa can be hard and hostile too. Read about Lions, Hyenas, Crocodiles and Snakes as well as the human beings who live and work alongside them. What happens when a leopard starts to attack the local livestock? What does the doctor do when bandits arrive? And when the missionaries get lost on safari what is sent to find them? Discover how a missing cow reminds us about something that Jesus did, and that it doesn't matter what country you live in—God always speaks your language!

    Amazon Adventures

    This is the oldest and largest rain forest in the world and one of the longest rivers on the planet cuts through its heart. It covers a huge area of South America and has an extremely varied plant and animal habitat. When you read this book you will be part of an expedition and adventure into its very centre. Read about the Shocking Electric Eel, the Jungle turncoat, the persistent frog and the mysterious Kinkajou.

    Cambodian Adventures

    Find out about the nation of Cambodia and what it's like to live and work in the Far East amongst the Khmer people. Experience the reality of missionary life in a Buddhist country. Join in with the adventure as you travel around in taxis, vans, trucks, carts and tuk-tuks—small roofed carriages pulled around by a motorcycle. Discover what a fried spider tastes like and what drink tastes like pureed cabbage! As you clamber through jungle and through rice paddy fields you will find out how to repel a snakebite and how God loves the people here as much as anywhere.

    Great Barrier Reef Adventures

    Back-packers and Tourists flock to Australia, especially to the amazing Great Barrier Reef. The water is crystal clear and the fish and sea creatures are every color of the rainbow. The coral beds heave with creatures of every shape and size and the rugged terrain is a treasure trove of exciting finds. Join Jim and others as they show us God's amazing work in the beautiful land and waters of Australia. Watch out for dangerous sea creatures like sharks and poisonous jellyfish—some are deadly. How come there is such a wide variety of incredible creatures (some astonishingly ugly). You'll find that God has made them all for a purpose.

    Himalayan Adventures

    If mountain climbing is your thing you will enjoy coming on this expedition! If trekking through dangerous but breath taking terrain is something you long to do, Himalayan Adventures is your kind of book. There are tigers, elephants, monkeys and animals galore. There are also fascinating people and cultures to discover. Find out what its like to be in the countries of the Himalayas—India, Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Nepal—and see God at work in his people and his creation.

    Kiwi Adventures

    New Zealand is a fascinating country. Not only does it have one of the most unusual flightless birds, the Kiwi, but also many other claims to fame. If you thought it was the Wright brothers who first flew in an airplane—think again. The Kiwis reckon it was one of their own, Richard Pearse. But there is no disputing the fact that it was a New Zealander, Murray Kendon, who started Mission Aviation Fellowship. MAF planes are used across the world to bring help and the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of people in far flung places.

    New York City Adventures

    New York City is full of excitement at any hour of the day or night. Imagine riding in a speedboat out to the Statue of Liberty, or having a sleep over in the Museum of Natural History. You can walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge or watch a movie being filmed right on the street. Or maybe you'd like to head over to the zoo and watch the penguins being fed. You could even travel back in time, to experience life as an early New Yorker. For hundred of years New York has been known as "The Big Apple"—the best place in the world to be.

    Outback Adventures

    Australia's Outback is one of the most exciting and adventurous places you can be. There are so many wide-open spaces, such stunning scenery, amazing animals—and it was all made by God for us to enjoy and look after. Jim Cromarty tells us many interesting facts about this incredible country and shows us how we can also learn about God when we think about his creation. Kangaroos, Emus, Swagmen and other amazing features of the Australia outback are all here for you to discover in this fascinating book.

    Pacific Adventures

    The Pacific Ocean is the largest Ocean in the world and extends from the Arctic in the North to the Antarctic in the South. It covers 46% of the earth's surface and 32% of its total surface area. It is an amazing part of the world with extraordinary animals and habitat. Many cultures live alongside it from Asia to Australia and the Americas. Read the real life stories of the explorers who discovered the peoples and islands of this region, as well as the missionaries who brought God's Word and the good news of the gospel to the people living in the Pacific. Be astonished at the incredible beauty and breathtaking wonder of this huge ocean.

    Rain Forest Adventures

    The Amazon rain forest...

    This is the oldest and largest rain forest in the world. It covers a huge area of South America and has the most varied plant and animal habitat on the planet. When you read this book you will be part of an expedition and adventure into the heart of the rain forest.

    Rocky Mountain Adventures

    The Rocky Mountains are full of rugged terrain and breathtakingly high mountains. What the Rocky Mountains are all about is the stunning beauty of creation. But there's danger too with black mountain bears and poisonous snakes to watch out for. Elk, deer, moose and coyotes all live and survive in this part of the United States of America. Humans live here too and missionaries. Yes missionaries! Because everyone who loves Jesus is a missionary—whatever country they live in.

    Scottish Highland Adventures

    The far north of Scotland brings to mind history, adventure and excitement. There are wild mountains and dramatic glens. Red deer populate the forests and if you pay attention you might even spot a golden eagle on the wing. But as well as magnificent mountain scenery, the Highlands also boast one of the United Kingdom's few resident colonies of dolphin. While many tourists visit Scotland to experience the scenery and culture, people from the Scottish Highlands have travelled across the globe. Citizens of countries like Australia, America and Canada can trace their family roots back to this country.

    Wild West Adventures

    Cowboys and Indians, buffalo stampedes, eating well-roasted mouse as a cure for measles—what was it like to live in the Wild West? This area of America stretched from the Mississippi River all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Although you don't often see covered wagons or teepees these days, there are still cowboys and Indians. And the West is still wild—especially when you consider what else lives there—bears, coyotes and poisonous snakes! You can be like a pioneer as you explore this part of God's surprising and wonderful world. Come along on the journey!

    Antarctic Adventures

    The Antarctic is a world of snow and ice. It is a cold and inhospitable place to live but many animals including the impressive Emperor penguin live and breed there. Fur seals and albatrosses are also native to this icy land. However, it is one of the smallest creatures of all—the Krill—that is of vital importance to life there. Find out about the natural habitat, the history of the explorers and the people who are today doing their utmost to protect this sensitive environment. Throughout it all you will see the beauty of creation as well as learning what God can teach you about himself through his world and his world.