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Acts of the Apostles CD - Your Story Hour

Acts of the Apostles CD - Your Story Hour
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    ISBN: 9781600790423
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Your Story Hour
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 6½
    Running Time (Minutes): 480
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    Educational! Entertaining! Exciting!

    For generations, Your Story Hour productions has represented the ultimate in Bible dramatizations. These professionally written, acted, and produced dramatized stories, complete with sound effects and music, make the Bible come to life for kids of all ages.

    Your Story Hour is pleased to present this collection of stories about Pentecost, Peter, James, John, and Paul. Acts of the Apostles is a series of dramatized stories by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue with music and sound effects that bring the stories to life!

    Learn how the disciples of Jesus carried the torch of the Gospel in the midst of shipwrecks, difficult roads, persecution, as well as many other problems and obstacles. Discover how their faith and trust in Jesus gave them victory.

    In this CD Album:

    CD No.
    Story 1
    Story 2
    AA-1 Tongues of Fire - Acts 2-4 Angel in Prison - Acts 4, 5
    AA-2 Persecutor from Tarsus - Acts 6-8 Miracles Greater Than Magic - Acts 8
    AA-3 Captured at Damascus - Acts 9, 26 The Turning Point - Acts 9, 22
    AA-4 A Woman Named Gazelle - Acts 9-11 The Great Escape - Acts 12
    AA-5 The Great Adventure Begins - Acts 11-13; 2 Corinthians 11 Adventures in Stormy Mountains - Acts 13, 14
    AA-6 The Stoning of Paul - Acts 14; 1&2 Timothy Songs in the Dungeon - Acts 15, 16
    AA-7 Slave Boy of Corinth - Acts 18 Riot in Ephesus - Acts 18-20; 1 Corinthians; Ephesians
    AA-8 Paul, a Prisoner - Acts 21-25 The Stormy Battle - Acts 27, 28; 1&2 Timothy