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NIV - Outreach Bible - Paperback - Tree Design

NIV - Outreach Bible - Paperback - Tree Design
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    ISBN: 9781563201363
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
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    The Bible is the true story of God and his plan to set the world right again. It began many years ago in a garden where there was life and peace. No bitterness or pain or lying or loss. Just a beautiful relationship between the Creator God and his creation.

    The story is headed toward another garden, this time in a city. The new garden will be even better than the original. Gardens, cities, people, relationships—everything in creation—healed.

    This collection of books tells the story between those gardens. Humans rejected the Creator, bringing death and wrongdoing into the world. But the Creator didn't give up. He was committed to redemption.

    So the Creator did something unexpected...