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100 Facts You Should Know - Set of 3

100 Facts You Should Know - Set of 3
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    Author: Steve Parker and Camilla de la Bedoyere
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Gareth Stevens
    Series: 100 Facts You Should Know
    Ages: 10 to 12
    Size: 8¾ x 11¼
    Total Pages: 48 pages per book
    For Grades: 4 to 6
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    — Inside Insects and Spiders

    Each book includes:

    • Full-color Photographs
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Fact Boxes
    • Activities
    • Quiz
    • Glossary
    • For Further Information Section
    • Index

    Titles include:

    Insects and Spiders - As the largest animal group in the world, with millions of species, insects should be a significant focus in the science classroom. And while spiders are often grouped with bugs, they aren't insects. This notable book explains why within its 100 facts about both groups that will astound, entertain, and perhaps even gross out readers! Discussion of the life cycles of these creatures offers need-to-know vocabulary words and concepts such as larva, pupa, and molting. Images throughout the book support the accessible text, while activities and quizzes keep readers assessing and building on their understanding.

    Monkeys and Apes - We should learn as much as we can about apes, monkeys, and other primates. Throughout this comprehensive book, readers will discover the differences and similarities among different species of primates through 100 facts grouped by topic and their accompanying fun-fact boxes, diagrams, activities, and quizzes. Beautiful photographs of these amazing animals in their native habitats, including big-eyed tarsiers clinging to trees and teeth-baring baboons displaying their aggression, aid readers in visualizing the many important zoological details.

    Whales and Dolphins - Whales and dolphins are part of a group of marine mammals called cetaceans. Many species within this group are truly amazing, thanks to their sheer size, surprising intelligence, or bizarre adaptations. Readers of this in-depth volume will learn about these topics and more, including why narwhals fence with their tusks and the role of echolocation in cetacean sea life. Other notable issues including conservation are also included among the 100 essential facts in this enjoyable book, filled with fun photographs, illustrations, diagrams, activities, and quizzes.