Book Fair/Fundraising Program

Book Fair/Fundraising Opportunity at L.E.S.

Raise money for your school, encourage kids to read, and get student/parent involvement and participation by hosting an L.E.S. Book Fair.

We carefully select our products to uphold family and Biblical values and beliefs. The result is books, CDs, or DVDs that kids love and learn from and are parent/teacher approved!

How to do a Book Fair with L.E.S.:

1. A $500 minimum order is required

2. You Choose or We Choose!   You choose the titles you would like to sell at the book fair or we can choose for you! If you are not sure what to sell or do not have time to go through our materials, just let us know and we can pick the items based on the dollar amount you want to spend. We will attach price labels where applicable.

3. Let us know you want to do a book fair; we will set up your account accordingly to receive special pricing


What we do for you:

1. We will give you a 50% discount off list prices on books, CDs, DVDs, and Bibles
• Your school will receive 50% off list prices on almost all titles. A few items will have a 30%-40% discount; and some titles more than a 50% discount (most books with reinforced binding and some paperbacks)

2. We will ship your order for free

3. If your school does not return anything, we will give you a $50 gift certificate for every $500.00 of your book fair order. The $50 gift certificate is for any library reinforced hardcover sets to add to your library or classrooms (max value $300.)

4. You can take orders for additional copies and those will be shipped to you for free 30 days after the close of your book fair


Can you return items?

Yes. We will accept returns within 30 days of the close of your book fair. Please note that return shipping costs are at your expense, so pick your titles very carefully! And remember that we will give your school a gift certificate if you do not return anything. We only accept returns of items in brand-new condition (no damage, signs of wear, or price stickers). Sets that are sold only as sets can only be returned as complete sets (this pertains mainly to library reinforced hardcover sets or sets that come in a packaged box such as Little House on the Prairie).

Please contact us to inquire about hosting a Book Fair. We can talk over the phone (talk with a real person, not a robot!) or we can answer questions via email.

We want your students and your school to benefit from wholesome, educational products. We believe we can help your students and their families all while helping your school raise some extra money!

Call us 1-269-695-1800
Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and until 4:00 p.m. on Friday