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World's Worst - Set of 2

World's Worst - Set of 2
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    Publisher: Rosen
    Series: Worlds Worst
    Ages: 13 and Up
    Size: 10¼ X 8½
    Total Pages: 80
    For Grades: 7 to 12
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    While many books of the "best" have been done on a vast variety of subjects, nothing quite matches the fascination of reading about the "worst" of something. This high-interest set takes a look at some of the worst cars and the worst historical disasters. Fascinated readers will learn about cars that were mechanical and design disasters, as well as an in-depth tour through natural and manmade disasters. Take your readers on a wild, informative, and riveting ride through the halls of history.

    Titles include:

    World's Worst Cars

    Cars are a high-interest topic for teens, especially teenage boys. From design disasters to financial failures to automobile "misfits," this book is a fascinating look at the car industry and some of the "lemons" it has produced over history. In a reader-friendly manner, the book addresses questions such as: Why did they ever reach the showrooms? What went wrong? Why were they so unreliable, and what kind of people actually bought some of these cars?

    World's Worst Historical Disasters

    This book looks at some of the most significant natural and man-made disasters in world history. Each fascinating account gives a full and detailed analysis of the events leading up to the disaster, the actual disaster itself, and then the extent of the damage and the dreadful aftermath.