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The Work of Your Hand - Fingerprints, God, and You!

The Work of Your Hand - Fingerprints, God, and You!
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    Author: Jennifer Hall Rivera, EdD
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Ages: 6 to 10
    Size: 8 x 10
    Total Pages: 48
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    You Are Special! There are special patterns on the skin of your hands and feet! These fingerprints and footprints are different for each one of us. Now discover more about what makes you uniquely you!

    Which Pattern Do You Have? God created three basic patterns: arch, loop, and whorl. A variety of these are found on each boy and girl. Now take a look at each pattern separately. Can you identify fingerprint patterns correctly?

    Fingerprint Fun! Includes 23 pages of activity sheets for lots of fingerprint fun! Use non-toxic fingerprint ink pads. Downloadable copies of the activity sheets are available online.