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The Archaeology Book - Wonders of Creation Books #7

The Archaeology Book - Wonders of Creation Books #7
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    Author: David Down
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Series: Wonders of Creation Books
    Ages: 10 to 16
    Size: 8½ X 11¼
    Total Pages: 96
    For Grades: 4 to 9
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    Developed with three educational levels in mind, The Archaeology Book takes you on an exciting exploration of history and ancient cultures. You’ll learn both the techniques of the archaeologist and the accounts of some of the richest discoveries of the Middle East that demonstrate the accuracy and historicity of the Bible.

    In The Archaeology Book you will unearth:

    • How archaeologists know what life was like in the past
    • Why broken pottery can tell more than gold or treasure can
    • Some of the difficulties in dating ancient artifacts
    • How the brilliance of ancient cultures demonstrates God’s creation
    • History of ancient cultures, including the Hittites, Babylonians, and Egyptians
    • The early development of the alphabet and its impact on discovery
    • The numerous archaeological finds that confirm biblical history
    • Why the Dead Sea scrolls are considered such a vital breakthrough

    Filled with vivid full-color photos, detailed drawings, and maps, you will have access to some of the greatest biblical mysteries ever uncovered.