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Wild Animals - Set of 3

Wild Animals - Set of 3
    Accelerated Reader
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    Format: Library Binding
    Publisher: Picture Window Books
    Series: Wild Animals
    Ages: 4 to 8
    Size: 10¼ X 10¼
    Total Pages: 24 per book
    For Grades: PreK to 2
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    Inside- A Crocodile Grows Up

    Titles include:

    A Crocodile Grows Up

    A baby Nile crocodile breaks through its shell along an African river. From swimming to hunting, this crocodile has a lot to learn. Follow along as this tiny croc learns key survival skills and turns into one of the largest reptiles on Earth.

    Fast, Faster, Fastest

    Don't blink, or you might miss these animals that can move at great speeds. From the kangaroo to the bald eagle, these animals jump, run, and fly at extreme speeds.

    Old, Older, Oldest

    Many animals live longer than humans. The dromedary camel and the quahog can live a long time, and so can the box turtle. Think you know which animal lives the longest? Find out in this "lively" book!