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Who Was? Set of 31 HARDCOVER - Non-Returnable Mark

Who Was? Set of 31 HARDCOVER - Non-Returnable Mark
    Please note: There is a small non-returnable mark on the spine of this book.
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    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Penguin Workshop
    Series: Who Was?
    Size: 5½ X 7¾
    For Grades: 3 to 7
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    This series of inspiring biographies and history titles and are perfect for young middle-grade readers. Each book is complete with facts, interesting anecdotes, and compelling black-and-white illustrations. Sidebars on related topics, a timeline, and a bibliography enhance readers understanding of each person. This set will match your readers who are beyond easy-to-read but not quite ready for long, detailed nonfiction.

    Please Note: All of these books that have a small non-returnable mark on the spine.

    Volumes in this Series:

    1. Alexander the Great
    2. Alexander Hamilton
    3. Andrew Jackson
    4. Booker T. Washington
    5. Charlie Chaplin
    6. Chuck Jones
    7. Coretta Scott King
    8. Dalai Lama
    9. Henry VIII
    10. Jacqueline Kennedy
    11. Jane Austen
    12. Lewis Carroll
    13. Lucille Ball
    14. Milton Bradley
    15. Princess Diana
    16. Three Stooges
    17. Venus and Serena Williams
    18. Bermuda Triangle
    19. Colosseum
    20. Easter Island
    21. Eiffel Tower
    22. Machu Picchu
    23. Taj Mahal
    24. Constitution
    25. Great Chicago Fire
    26. Holocaust
    27. San Francisco Earthquake
    28. Titanic
    29. Wild West
    30. World Cup
    31. Who Is (Your Name Here)? The Story of My Life