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Where Is? Series Pack of 11

Where Is? Series Pack of 11
    Accelerated Reader
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    Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
    Series: Where Is?
    Ages: 8 to 12
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    For Grades: 2 to 6
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    This series is perfect for young middle-grade readers. Each title is complete with facts, interesting anecdotes, and compelling black-and-white illustrations. Sidebars on related topics, and a timeline that enhances readers understanding of each subject. This set will match your readers who are beyond easy-to-read but not quite ready for long, detailed nonfiction.

    Inside - Where Is the Eiffel Tower?

    If a title is out of stock we will substitute with another title from the series.

    Titles include:

    1. Where Is Area 51?
    2. Where Is the Bermuda Triangle?
    3. Where Is Broadway?
    4. Where Is Easter Island?
    5. Where Is the Eiffel Tower?
    6. Where Are the Great Pyramids?
    7. Where Is Hollywood?
    8. Where Is the Kremlin?
    9. Where Is Machu Picchu?
    10. Where Is the Tower of London?
    11. Where Is the Vatican? - New Arrival