When Your Kid Is Hurting: Helping Your Child through the Tough Days - Unabridged Audio CD

When Your Kid Is Hurting: Helping Your Child through the Tough Days - Unabridged Audio CD
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    Author: Dr. Kevin Leman
    Format: 6 Unabridged CDs
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Size: 6¼ X 5¼
    Running Time (Minutes): 7 hours
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    No parent likes to see their child in pain. But you can navigate even negative events with less drama, more resilience, and a positive attitude.

    Life isn't always predictable or safe, and today's kids live in an increasingly unstable world. Being bombarded by headlines highlighting school shootings, bullying, and ethnic violence is only the start. Add on peer pressure, a friend's betrayal, nasty jabs on social media, and being stuck in the middle of a divorce, and it's no wonder kids of all ages are facing significant trauma.

    In When Your Kid Is Hurting, internationally known psychologist and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman offers practical, time-tested strategies to best help hurting kids, including:

    What to say (and not say) when bad things happen

    • How to get a hurting kid to talk to you
    • When to intervene and when to let your child problem-solve
    • How to turn trauma into teachable moments rather than foster a victim mentality
    • How to understand the three greatest fears every kid has... and the biggest antidotes
    • How being proactive can turn difficult situations around and provide future protection
    • Why the words you choose to use with your child are critical to their recovery

    You can help your child get up after being knocked down. When Your Kid Is Hurting will help you not only be your child's best advocate in a healthy way, but will also reveal secrets for strengthening your lifelong relationship.