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Tom Swift Inventors' Academy - Set of 4 Paperback

Tom Swift Inventors' Academy - Set of 4 Paperback
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    Author: Victor Appleton
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Aladdin
    Series: Tom Swift Inventor's Academy
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
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    Here is a brand-new series about Tom Swift, everyone’s favorite inventor!

    When your dad funds the Swift Academy of Science and Technology, you’re bound to have a bunch of tech at your disposal. With his three best friends and the world of science at his fingertips, Tom gets into all sorts of hijinks and escapades as a student at the Swift Academy. And at this school, it’s normal to see robots and other contraptions weaving through the halls with students!

    Titles include:

    The Drone Pursuit

    When someone releases a virus in the school servers, all bets are off as the adjoining servers at tech giant Swift Enterprises come under fire. Can Tom and his friends uncover the true culprit before it’s too late?!

    The Sonic Breach

    Tom gets to take all sorts of cool classes at the Swift Academy of Science and Technology, but robotics may be the one he is most excited for. Their teacher is holding a battling robot tournament, and Tom has to build a machine that will come out on top.

    With the final battle coming up, Tom and his friends need as much time as possible to refine their masterpiece.

    Restricted Access

    Tom has always tried to play down his pseudo celebrity status at the academy. So, the last thing he wants is for a reporter’s son to follow him around for an article on the school. When this extends to one of the biggest field trips of the year—an overnight lock-in at Swift Enterprises—Tom couldn't be less pleased.

    The Virtual Vandal

    Tom and his friends attend a science camp in this fourth novel in Tom Swift Inventors’ Academy—perfect for fans of The Hardy Boys.