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Timelines of American History - Set of 6

Timelines of American History - Set of 6
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    Publisher: Rosen
    Series: Timelines of American History
    Ages: 11 to 12
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    Total Pages: 32
    For Grades: 5 to 8
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    — Inside A Timeline of the Life of George Washington

    Timelines are a quick way to find out a lot of information about one subject. This series of books will give readers an excellent resource to find out important moments in American history using timelines.

    — Inside A Timeline of the Supreme Court

    Features include:

    • Approximately 32 pages in each book
    • Index
    • Glossary

    Titles include:

    A Timeline of the Life of George Washington

    This book tells of the life and work of one of America's founders and leaders, George Washington. The text and timeline detail the chapters of Washington's life from his childhood on a Virginia farm to being chosen as a representative at the First Continental Congress. Details of Washington's heroics in the Revolutionary War and his position as the country's first president, as well as portraits and historical images, bring this Founding Father to life.

    A Timeline of the Life of Thomas Jefferson

    The life of Thomas Jefferson is recounted here through both narrative text and timelines, giving students the story of the man who penned the Declaration of Independence. Readers will learn about Jefferson's rise in politics, becoming the third president of the United States and starting the Library of Congress. One man's effect on history is shown as Jefferson's dreams of exploring the West bring about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    A Timeline of Congress

    This title takes the reader through the history of Congress, explaining its creation in 1787 and dissecting the two branches that make up this body of government. The various phases of construction on the Capitol are outlined, and different senators are also discussed. The story of this governing body is told against a backdrop of the mood and events of the time that defined the country as a whole.

    A Timeline of the Continental Army

    Courage, defiance, and triumph make up the story of the Continental army, a band of American colonists who challenged, fought, and defeated the mightiest empire in the world: Great Britain. Beginning with a series of losses in New York, New England, and Canada, the Continental army began gathering momentum under General George Washington and had successes in the Middle-Atlantic and Southern states. The reader will be introduced to the key players of the Revolutionary War, from Washington to King George III, and be treated to a vivid retelling of one of our nation's greatest triumphs.

    A Timeline of the Supreme Court

    Here is the history of the Supreme Court, from its infancy up to the present. The text and timeline begin with the American Revolution in 1776 and outline the history of the Supreme Court Building and major landmark cases as well as provide biographical information on some of the key Supreme Court justices who have presided over the Court. Students will learn how laws that exist today are affected by the decisions made by this branch of government.

    A Timeline of the War of 1812

    As a young nation, America faced many challenges, including dealing with trade with its former ruler, Great Britain. This book describes the conflict between Great Britain and the United States between the years 1812 and 1815, known as the War of 1812. The timeline shows the relationships among events and brings to life the chronology of war. The intricacies of governing a country will be shown to students by the turbulent beginnings of the American nation.