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Stepping Stones - A Developmental Approach to Preschool

Stepping Stones - A Developmental Approach to Preschool
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    Author: Carrie Bailey
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Master Books
    Ages: 4 to 5
    Size: 8½ X 11
    Total Pages: 328
    For Grades: PreK
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    Enjoy a course with an easy and effective developmental approach for preschoolers. With Stepping Stones, you introduce students to concepts that include colors, letters, nutrition, matching objects, and weather. They will also meet biblical heroes with qualities that children will want to learn as they become familiar with short verses focused on important concepts of faith.

    This course is set up with one lesson per day, three days a week. Each lesson focuses on:

    • Making Connections – where you give instructions and interact with your child.
    • Match It Up and Sort It Out – when you model and guide your child to complete the activity.
    • Heroes of the Bible– as you teach your child about a specific hero each week.

    You can lead them through memory verses and a variety of hands-on activities with this gentle introduction to learning through play. Students will enjoy certificates of achievement, story image cards, letter cards, coloring, healthy choices, and more!

    Table of Contents

      1. Making Observations
      2. Shadow Play
      3. Red, Blue, Green
      4. Yellow, Orange, Purple
      5. Pink, Brown, Black, White
      6. Animals
      7. All About Me & Scissor Skills
      8. Nutrition & Me - Part 1
      9. Nutrition & Me - Part 2
      10. Concepts About Print - Part 1
      11. Concepts About Print - Part 2
      12. Review Colors & Animals
      13. Introducing Letters
      14. Where Does Your Food Come From?
      15. Textures
      16. 1,2,3 & First Letter of Your Name
      17. Basic Shapes
      18. Observing Weather
      19. Review Shadows & Nutrition
      20. Following Directions
      21. Noticing Differences
      22. Review 1,2,3 & First Letter of Your Name
      23. Physical Activity - Part 1
      24. Physical Activity - Part 2
      25. Letters
      26. Review Differences & Colors
      27. Story Comprehensive
      28. Opposites & Following Directions
      29. Basic Emotions
      30. Prewriting Basics
      31. Big, Little
      32. Review Shapes, Animals, & Letters
      33. Review Physical Activity & Textures
      34. Review Weather & Opposites
      35. Review Food Sources & Differences
      36. Review Emotions, Following Directions, & Comprehension
      Supply List
      Alphabet Cards
      Cutting Activities
      Answer Key