Seeking the Way of God - Genesis 37-47 - Stand Devotional #2

Seeking the Way of God - Genesis 37-47 - Stand Devotional #2
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    Author: Alex McFarland
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Stand Devotional
    Ages: Teen
    Size: 4 X 7½
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    Stand: Seeking the Way of God

    Life ain’t easy. When you pile on what you face in school, with friends, and at home, sometimes it’s overwhelming—while God seems a world away.

    Try Joseph’s story on for size. Here’s a guy who had thugs for brothers and was unjustly imprisoned for years . . . but became a national leader despite it all. This 10-step journey through the life and times of Joseph reveals that when things get tough, God comes close.

    As you discover this action-packed story (plus some relevant biblical history), you’ll learn what it takes to hold on to your God-given gifts and dreams. Who knows, maybe Joseph’s advice can even help you conquer that next exam.

    Ready to tackle life’s big questions? Sure, God and His Words are sometimes overwhelming, puzzling, and way too much to grasp. He is God, after all. But He thinks you can handle a real vision of who He is. Looking at key passages from the Bible, Stand Devos are about discovering God’s whole plan—and living all of life based on that. Alex McFarland, a God-follower who speaks to thousands of students every year, serves as your guide on this journey.