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Summer of the Wolves - Sisters in All Seasons #1

Summer of the Wolves - Sisters in All Seasons #1
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    Author: Lisa Williams Kline
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Series: Sisters in All Seasons
    Ages: Teen
    Size: 5¼ X 8¼
    Total Pages: 240
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    Stepsisters, yes. Friends? maybe...

    Stephanie and Diana are having a hard time adjusting to life as new stepsisters. The girls "pretend" to like each other, but it's pretty hard considering they are complete opposites. When their new family takes their first-ever vacation to a horse ranch in North Carolina, not even long horseback rides in the forest can tame their tempers. Diana's anger issues and Stephanies's fear of everything prove disastrous, until Diana discovers the caged wolves in the deep woods. She vows to free them, and surprisingly Stephanie agrees to help. But their actions have unforeseen consequences, and if there's any chance to make things right, Stephanie and Diana must put their differences aside.