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Off the Record - Samantha Sanderson #3

Off the Record - Samantha Sanderson #3
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    Author: Robin Caroll
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Series: Samantha Sanderson
    Ages: 9 to 14
    Size: 5¼ X 7¾
    Total Pages: 232
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    Samantha Sanderson is an independent, resourceful, high-tech cheerleader. She dreams of becoming an award-winning journalist like her mother, so she's always looking for articles she can publish in her middle-school paper (where she secretly hopes to become editor in chief). And with a police officer for a father, Sam is in no short supply of writing material.

    Sometimes decisions are almost impossible to make.

    When the school's grades are tampered with, Samantha Sanderson must enlist her best friend Makayla's help in hacking the system to discover the virus that was used and who committed the crime. But when the lead suspect is her newfound friend, Felicia, Sam must choose whether to stick by her friend at all cost or report the story as she sees it.