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Plain Answers about the Amish Life

Plain Answers about the Amish Life
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    Author: Mindy Starns Clark
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    Publisher: Harvest House
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    Why do the Amish dress the way they do?

    Why do they not drive cars yet ride in vehicles driven by others?

    How can I tell the difference between an Amish home and a non-Amish home just by looking?

    This handy guide answers more than 300 questions about the Amish and their unique lifestyle, providing fresh and fascinating facts about this often-misunderstood faith culture and the men, women, and children who abide by it.

    A terrific resource for anyone fascinated by the life and ways of the Amish, Plain Answers About the Amish Life covers a wide range of topics, such as:

    • beliefs and values
    • clothing and transportation
    • worship and education
    • children and the elderly
    • teens and rumspringa
    • shunning and discipline
    • courtship and marriage
    • work and play

    Please note: Some of the material in this book was previously released in A Pocket Guide to Amish Life.