My Money - Set of 5

My Money - Set of 5
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    Author: Gerry Bailey and Felicia Law
    Format: Library Binding
    Publisher: Compass Point Books
    Series: My Money
    Ages: 10 to 12
    Size: 9 X 11¼
    Total Pages: 47
    For Grades: 4 to 6
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    Babysitting, lawn mowing, and allowance—you finally have some money of your own. Before you blow it on bubble gum and ice cream, discover the many sides of money with the My Money series.

    — Inside What's It All Worth?: The Value of Money

    Titles include:

    Cowries, Coins, Credit: The History of Money

    Chronicles the history of money from bartering in ancient times to the development of modern monetary systems, discussing the first use of coins and paper money.

    Get Rich Quick?: Earning Money

    Provides an introduction to basic financial terms and explains various investment choices that investors use to make money.

    Money: It's Our Job: Money Careers

    Introduces several different careers that involve working with money in industries such as banking and insurance.

    Save, Spend, Share: Using Your Money

    Describes the history of trading, how markets and auctions work, and what rights consumers have.

    What's It All Worth?: The Value of Money

    Discusses topics pertaining to individual and national wealth, including various paths to financial success, negative behaviors associated with money, such as greed and envy, and factors that contribute to poverty.