Like a River From Its Course Unabridged Audio CD

Like a River From Its Course Unabridged Audio CD
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    Author: Kelli Stuart
    Format: 12 Unabridged CDs
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Size: 6½ X 5½
    Running Time (Minutes): 14.5 hours
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    Enter the often-overlooked history of World War II Ukraine as told through the eyes of four unforgettable people caught up in the chaos and heartache of a country torn asunder by Nazi armed forces.

    As the characters confront the pivotal event of Babi Yar, the "killing ditch" where 34,000 men, women, and children were lined up and shot, the horrors of war are laid bare. How can faith withstand such atrocities?

    Based on true stories gathered from fifteen years of research and interviews with survivors, Like a River from Its Course is a moving and epic story of love, war, heartache, forgiveness, and redemption.