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The Katy Lambright Series - Set of 4

The Katy Lambright Series - Set of 4
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    Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Series: The Katy Lambright Series
    Ages: 10 to 15
    Size: 5½ X 8½
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    When Katy Lambright is given the opportunity to attend a secular high school outside her Mennonite community, she is ecstatic. But can Katy balance her new world with the Old Order?

    Titles include:

    Katy's New World

    Katy has always enjoyed life in her small Mennonite community, but she longs to learn more than her school can offer. After getting approval from her elders, Katy starts her sophomore year at the public high school in town, where she meets new friends and encounters perspectives much different than her own. But as Katy begins to find her way in the outside world, her relationships at home become strained. Can she find a balance between her two worlds?

    Katy's Debate

    Just as Katy is feeling settled in her new school, everything falls apart at home. Her father, believing she needs a mother, starts courting a woman Katy refuses to accept. Tensions rise as Katy schemes to send the woman packing. Meanwhile, the pressure builds at school as Katy joins the debate team, encounters a teammate's scorn, and faces her growing feelings for a boy her father will never accept. Can Katy prove she doesn't need a mother's guidance even as she discovers more of what the world offers?

    Katy's Homecoming

    Katy gets the chance of a lifetime—she's been elected to the homecoming court, and there are rumors her crush, Bryce, might ask her to go with him. What could be more perfect? For one unforgettable night she would be able to experience life as many other teenage girls do—a stunning gown, gorgeous hair, jewelry, and makeup. Except Katy's Mennonite community prohibits dancing as well as fancy dresses and makeup, and her father would not approve. When an opportunity arises that could allow her to attend without her father knowing, Katy must decide: Will she hold tight to her convictions, or will she sacrifice her principles for one special night?

    Katy's Decision

    Katy is looking forward to time with her closest friend, Shelby, who is staying with Katy's family for the summer. But when Katy's aunt faces a serious illness and needs the girls to run the fabric store, what should have been a summer of relaxation fills with long hours at the shop. Then a Mennonite boy visits her community for the summer, complicating her life and her feelings for Bryce, her non-Mennonite crush. Katy has a choice to make by the time August arrives: Will she attend school in the fall and follow her dreams, or continue on in her Mennonite life to help her family? Katy struggles to choose between the two worlds she loves, but the final decision may be out of her hands.