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Jungle Doctor Set of 19 - Paperback

Jungle Doctor Set of 19 - Paperback
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    Author: Paul White
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Series: The Jungle Doctor
    Ages: 7 to 12
    Size: 5 X 7¾
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    Paul White was an Australian missionary doctor in Africa who learned to clothe his Bible teaching in fables, creating stories with a timeless quality. When he returned home to Australia his stories were discovered and published to world-wide acclaim. These 19 stories are based on Paul White's personal experiences of doctoring in Africa.

    The Jungle Doctor books are about the work to bring health and wellbeing to Africa as well as the good news of Jesus Christ and salvation!

    Each book features exciting stories of what it was like to be a missionary doctor fighting to save people's lives, while the traditional African witchdoctors often brought sickness, evil potions, fear, and even death to the people. While working to save the people of Africa from disease, wild animals, and more, the Jungle Doctor tells the people about Jesus, often explaining Bible stories through fables. Soon, some of the people of Tanzania see the power of the missionary's God.

    Titles include:

    Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind
    Jungle Doctor on the Hop
    Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard
    Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings
    Jungle Doctor's Enemies
    Jungle Doctor in Slippery Places
    Jungle Doctor's Africa
    Jungle Doctor on Safari
    Jungle Doctor meets a lion
    Eyes on Jungle Doctor
    Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion
    Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg
    Jungle Doctor Looks for Trouble
    Jungle Doctor Operates
    Jungle Doctor to the Rescue
    Jungle Doctor Attacks Witchcraft
    Jungle Doctor Goes West
    Jungle Doctor Sees Red
    Jungle Doctor's Case Book