I Am Revealed: Knowing God on a First-Name Basis

I Am Revealed: Knowing God on a First-Name Basis
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    Author: Mike Baker
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    Is God more than an impersonal ruler of the universe?

    Are there secrets about him that we don't grasp?

    How well can we really know God?

    Even though God is beyond our full comprehension, we can know his nature and character. Digging into his Word and seeking to know him day by day will make for one amazing journey—with a new treasure to discover in every encounter.

    In the Bible, God is acknowledged as the great I AM. But he also is revealed through a variety of other names and descriptions that deepen our understanding of who he is. He is our:

    • Creator
    • Provider
    • Healer
    • Watcher
    • Protector
    • Guide
    • Savior
    • King

    God continues to reveal himself to us today. He knows you and calls you by name. And yes, it's possible for you to know God—on a first-name basis.