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Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD #4 School Edition

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD #4 School Edition
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    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Rising Star Education
    Series: Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
    Ages: 4 to 7
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 44 minutes
    For Grades: Pre-K to 1
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    Harry is a typical five-year-old with a healthy imagination who seeks to resolve his conflicts and frustrations through the use of imaginary friends and an imaginary world. He lives with his mother, his Nana and his older sister. His best friends are his toy dinosaurs whom he keeps in a bucket–but he and his Nana know that his dinosaurs can come to life! Harry's bucket leads to Dino World, where he can creatively and fancifully find solutions for real world situations that are hard to handle.

    • For pre-K - grade 1
    • English and Spanish
    • Teacher's guide included as PDF on DVD (English only)
    • Four 11-minute episodes per disc

    Respect: There's Got to Be Something

    Harry want to show respect for his friend Charley and her new baby cousin. The Dinos are helping him look through his old toys for something he can give the baby. They finally settle on some building blocks as the perfect present, but discover that most of the set is missing. Determined to locate the rest, Harry and his Dino pals head off to Dino World and embark on a daring block-finding adventure! On their arrival, they encounter Digger Stan, the build-it man, who is busy with his latest road construction project, and Harry and the Dinos offer to lend a hand in return for Stan's help with their mission. En route, Harry re-discovers some of the toys he used to play with and finding the missing blocks for the new baby also proves to be a bit of a trip down memory lane!

    Helpfulness: Somebody's Moving

    It's snowing and some of Harry's neighbors are moving. Harry and Charley love the idea of being moving men and, along with the Dinos, decide to go to Dino World to see if anyone needs the help of Harry's Moving Crew. They arrive just in time to help Mr. Snow who is moving down the hill to a brand new igloo. Mr. Snow's mischievous penguin friends also lend a helping hand to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. Harry, the Dinos, and the penguins learn the value of helpfulness as the provide useful, friendly assistance to Mr. Snow.

    Responsibility: What a Cold Nose!

    While Nana and Harry are dog sitting for an afternoon, Harry decides to take the puppy for a walk in Dino World. However, in Dino World the puppy is dino sized and Harry and the gang have a challenge trying to discipline and train their furry friend in some tug of war styled capers. They attempt to teach the puppy tricks, and even give him a bath. They all have fun, but realize what a responsibility a puppy can be.

    Wisdom: Is That Really a Lamp?

    Harry and the Dinos venture into Dino World in search of a Magic Lamp, hoping they'll find a genie that can make their wishes come true. Luckily, Taury stumbles over a lamp as soon as they arrive, but it seems that the genie inside has no intention of granting any wishes because he's going on vacation! Bob the genie announces that Harry will be his replacement while he's away and fun and frolics ensue as Harry gets to grips with his new genie powers. Harry and the Dions learn the value of using wisdom when asking for wishes and the folly of not thinking before you ask for things.