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Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD #3 School Edition

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD #3 School Edition
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    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Rising Star Education
    Series: Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
    Ages: 4 to 7
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 44 minutes
    For Grades: Pre-K to 1
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    Harry is a typical five-year-old with a healthy imagination who seeks to resolve his conflicts and frustrations through the use of imaginary friends and an imaginary world. He lives with his mother, his Nana and his older sister. His best friends are his toy dinosaurs whom he keeps in a bucket–but he and his Nana know that his dinosaurs can come to life! Harry's bucket leads to Dino World, where he can creatively and fancifully find solutions for real world situations that are hard to handle.

    • For pre-K - grade 1
    • English and Spanish
    • Teacher's guide included as PDF on DVD (English only)
    • Four 11-minute episodes per disc

    Perseverance: What Does the Key Open?

    After giving Mom a necklace with a key-shaped pendant on it, Harrry and his Dino pals are dying to know what the key opens and they head to Dino World on their new quest to find the matching lock. Princess Pamela's castle seems to be the perfect place to start, but the royal pets Max and Muffin have other ideas and decide to take the opportunity to make a getaway–taking the key with them! Princess Pam's naughty pets lead Harry and the gang on a wild goose chase around Dino World. But as luck would have it, Max and Muffin aren't so bad after all as they lead Harry and the Dinos to the ideal spot to try out their key: a valley full of doors! It's just a case of finding the right one and seeing where it leads. Harry and the Dinos show perseverance not only finding Max and Muffin but also in matching the key with the right lock.

    Cooperation: Zoom

    Planning the best vacation ever is a little tricky when there are so many tastes to please, so Harry goes to Dino World to see if he can find inspiration there. With Nancy as their tour guide, Harry and his Dinosaurs manage to bathe on the beach, climb mountains and walk in the woods. The best time of all however, is had when the gang stumbles across a Happy House of fun. Realizing that cooperation and seeing everyone happy makes for the perfect vacation, Harry rushes home to tell Mom, Dad, Nana, and Sam.

    Consideration: Superheroes Don't Dance

    Harry and his friend Charley play a game of superheroes together. Afterwards Charley invites Harry to a dance party, he declines, saying, "Superheroes are way too busy fighting crime and saving the planet to dance." The Dinos lead Harry on an adventure in Dino World that will prove to him that superheroes and dancing can be great fun! He also learns that sometimes you have to consider the feelings of your friends when choosing activities.

    Uniqueness: Hurray for Pizza!

    Why don't they make peanut butter and banana pizzas? It's a question Harry has been pondering and the Dinos think they know somewhere you can have any pizza topping you like–Dino World, of course! They arrive at Harry's Pizza Parlor and start making tailor-made pizzas for the inhabitants of Dino World, topped with everything from pink icing and cherries to swamp mud and flies. With Harry at the helm, Trike taking orders and all the Dinos helping to make perfect pizzas, what could possibly go wrong? Harry learns that people don't like the same things–they are unique in who they are and what they like.