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The Good Lord Made Them All - Set of 10

The Good Lord Made Them All - Set of 10
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    Author: Compiled by Joe L. Wheeler
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Pacific Press
    Series: The Good Lord Made Them All
    Ages: 8 and Up
    Size: 6 X 9
    Total Pages: 160 per book
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    Owney, Smoky, Wildfire, Dick, Spot, Amelia, Togo, Tawny, Stinky, and Sooty make up this set and each book features fascinating stories of many different animals, including dogs, cats, horses, jaguars, skunks, and squirrels.

    Titles include:

    Owney, the Post Office Dog: And Other Great Dog Stories

    From Owney, the post office mongrel who traveled the world with as great a devotion to the mailbags as any human postal carrier, to Wolf, the less-than-perfect collie who wasn't fine enough to compete in shows but was brave enough to thwart a thief despite being poisoned, these stories of loyalty, honor, friendship, and devotion are among the most moving and memorable you'll ever read.

    Smoky, the Ugliest Cat in the World: And Other Great Cat Stories

    Burned almost beyond recognition, a cat named Smoky with an iron will to live will blaze his way into your heart. In another story, a calloused physician takes pity on a badly wounded kitten and recaptures a lost love. And from the author's own life files, the story of the mysterious black cat named "C.C." that brought comfort to dying and grieving family members, will leave its mark on your soul.


    Wildfire, the Red Stallion: And Other Great Horse Stories

    Lucy and her fiancé, Lin, are roped to horses and pursued not only by outlaws but also by a raging forest fire in the thrilling title story by Zane Grey. As you read other stories, you'll sympathize with a little boy who asked only for a pony for Christmas but was disappointed. Learn how an old horse named Major preached a sermon to his owners, and realized that looks aren't everything—even in an appaloosa without spots. This collection of eighteen outstanding horse stories will stay in your heart.


    Dick, the Babysitting Bear: And Other Great Wild Animal Stories

    All of the stories that appear in this volume were chosen for their power. The cover story by Floyd Bralliar features Dick, an unusual black bear that loves to hold cats, pigs, and human babies in a most motherly way. This book is a collection of outstanding wild animal stories. They will captivate any reader.


    Spot, the Dog That Broke the Rules: And Other Great Heroic Animal Stories

    In his fifth book of The Good Lord Made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler has gathered a diverse collection of animal heroes. Ten of the eighteen animal subjects chosen for this collection either risked their lives or gave their lives for people—some of whom were men, women, or children they barely knew!

    Amelia, the Flying Squirrel: And Other Great Stories of God's Smallest Creatures

    In his sixth book of The Good Lord Made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler has turned his attention to stories of God's smallest animals—doodlebugs, a pet mouse named Guinevere, a chipmunk named Chatter, a story of a dragonfly, another about a skylark, and several more remarkable adventures of God's smallest creatures.

    Togo, the Sled Dog: And Other Great Animal Stories of the North

    In this, the seventh book of The Good Lord Made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler has collected stories from the Far North: Norway, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Arctic Circle to name a few places. The animals featured include sled dogs, wolves, weasels, and eagles in a veritable Who's Who of the North.

    Tawny, the Magnificent Jaguar: And Other Great Jungle Stories

    The eighth book in The Good Lord Made Them All series is filled with stories of jungle animals. From Mexico to Myanmar, and many places in between, you'll learn about lions and leopards, elephants and buffaloes, camels and cobras. A truly global compilation of stories, this collection is sure to become a family favorite.

    Stinky, the Skunk That Wouldn't Leave: And Other Strange and Wonderful Animal Stories

    This is the ninth book in The Good Lord Made Them All series by Joe L. Wheeler, and it is filled with stories both strange and wonderful. From Squeaker, the truck-riding deer, to Dude, the racking horse champion, and Casey, the chatty African Grey, these stories will stay with you long after you've finished reading the book.

    Sooty, the Green-Eyed Kitten: And Other Great Animal Stories

    "It's hard to believe, but The Good Lord Made Them All animal series is now ten years old! Truly a miracle, in this fickle age, given that so few book series have this kind of staying power. Even in a digital age, where traditional books are struggling to stay alive, an animal series such as this one has proven to be a real success story."—Joe L. Wheeler