G.I. Brides - Love Letters Unite 3 Couples Divided by WWII

G.I. Brides - Love Letters Unite 3 Couples Divided by WWII
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    Author: Grace Livingston Hill
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Barbour
    Series: Love Endures
    Size: 5¼ X 8
    Total Pages: 879
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    In Through These Fires, Ben Barron is battling in the Second World War and clinging to the memory of a special girl he once met. Lexie Kendall is lonely, though she is caring for her obnoxious stepsister and her three children. A surprise letter from Ben lifts her spirits, and her correspondence gives him something to live for.

    In All Through the Night, World War II is raging across the sea, and at home Dale Huntley is grieving her beloved grandmother. Greedy relatives swoop down upon her looking for an inheritance. Dale tries to remain strong as her selfish family divvy up Grandmother's things by immersing herself in her faith and remembering the soldier at war who holds her heart.

    In More Than Conqueror, World War II looks like it is coming to an end, and Charlie Montgomery has volunteered for a suicide mission to make sure the Allies succeed. But first he must confess a lifelong love for Blythe Bonniwell. The wealthy girl surprises him by promising to wait for a poor soldier. But Charlie doesn't know Blythe's Lord, and Dan Seavers is on the homefront relentlessly pursuing her.