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Galapagos Islands - A Different View

Galapagos Islands - A Different View

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    Author: Georgia Purdom
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Series: A Different View
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    Take an incredible journey to the beautiful islands of Galapagos:

    • Observe the wondrous diversity of life, including birds, reptiles, and plants
    • Learn how Darwin's worldview and a biblical worldview differ, and the importance of this in studying the islands
    • Read poignant chapters from Ken Ham, John Morris, John C. Whitcomb, and more!

    Filled with vibrant images of these glorious islands in the Pacific, your faith will be strengthened as you learn from some of the best creation scientist, speakers, and writers in the country. The Galapagos still stand as a testament to God's majesty and mercy, rather than the empty legacy of one man!