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Forgotten Bible Stories

Forgotten Bible Stories
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    Author: Margaret McAllister
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Lion Hudson
    Ages: 6 to 10
    Size: 8¼ X 10½
    Total Pages: 48
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    Hidden among the Bible's most often retold stories are those of people whose lives deserve to be more widely known.

    Their stories—of care and compassion toward the vulnerable, and (sometimes unexpected) strength of character—are told in this tribute to those whose example should not be forgotten.

    • Balaam
    • Hagar
    • Mephibosheth
    • Naboth's Vineyard
    • The Widow
    • Naaman's Servant
    • Ebedmelech
    • Elizabeth
    • Centurian
    • The Servants in the Courtyard
    • Dorcas
    • Eunice
    • Philemon