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The Faith of America's Presidents

The Faith of America's Presidents
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    Author: Daniel J. Mount
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    Though every president of the United States has thought of himself as a Christian, some have denied various central doctrines of orthodox Christianity. Daniel Mount carefully examines each president's beliefs and compares those beliefs to the doctrines of biblical Christianity. He discusses their conversion experiences (when applicable), examines how their religious beliefs affected their presidencies, scrutinizes their beliefs pertaining to God's role in American history, and looks into important historical controversies.

    The Faith of America's Presidents contains both new and long-forgotten facts about, and statements made by many of our American Presidents. Recently discovered (or rediscovered) information leads to new or modified conclusions about the religious beliefs of Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, James Buchanan, and Richard Nixon.

    The author uses original sources—letters and firsthand recollections—to offer one of the most comprehensive portrayals of the topic ever written.