English Bible Translations - By What Standard?

English Bible Translations - By What Standard?
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    Author: William O. Einwechter
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    Publisher: Preston Speed
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    What if the Supreme Court announced that it had decided to publish a new "dynamic equivalent" version of the U.S. Constitution that would replace the legalistic and archaic language with more user-friendly phrases and terms. What if they promoted their new version by saying that it would make "a big difference not only in your understanding, but in your life," and used cheap sales talk declaring: "Suddenly passages that once seemed difficult and foggy are crystal clear. And you feel as if they were written just for you, for this situation, this moment?" Most Americans would consider it a bad joke. Of course if the Court was serious, it would create a national crisis. Everyone knows you can't just casually update the text of our fundamental law just to make it sound better to "modern man".

    The "cheap sales talk" quoted above is taken verbatim from a recent advertisement in a popular Evangelical journal for the latest entry in the competition for a share of the English Bible market. Unfortunately, many Christians who would be outraged by the revision of the Constitution, greet the proliferation of "new & improved" English translations with indifference.

    In this book, William Einwechter challenges our complacency toward the issue of Bible translations by asking the very simple question: "By What Standard" are we to judge the authority and reliability of translations of the Bible into modern languages? With clarity and brevity, Rev. Einwechter shows that there are biblical criteria for judging the reliability of English translations. Therefore, the Christian is not at liberty to simply choose one that suits his fancy, and the church cannot be indifferent in the selection of a translation for public use. With the very integrity of God's Word at stake, the conscientious believer cannot be pro-choice on the issue of Bible translations.

    English Bible Translations provides a cogent analytical framework for an intelligent discussion of the issues raised in the controversy. While the author's analysis leads him to conclude that the Authorized (King James) Version is a superior translation, he avoids the errors of the "KJV-only" adherents who blindly cling to tradition for tradition's sake. His approach is firmly founded upon the orthodox doctrines of verbal-plenary inspiration and the divine preservation of the text as promised by the Lord Jesus Christ when He declared the eternal endurance of every jot and tittle of His Word. This book is a wise investment that will pay big dividends when the issue of Bible translations confronts your church, your family, or your conscience.