Dream Big, Think Small: Living An Extraordinary Life One Day At a Time

Dream Big, Think Small: Living An Extraordinary Life One Day At a Time
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    Author: Jeff Manion
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    Publisher: Zondervan
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    How You Build a Life of Significance

    "A remarkable life is built by taking a thousand unremarkable steps."

    These are the words of pastor and writer Jeff Manion. Like so many others, Jeff wanted his life to have deep significance. But he struggled with impatience at the slow pace at which he was progressing. Through the coarse of his life and his study of Scripture, however, there was a growing realization that legacies aren't built in a day. They start small. And slow. And they grow over time, hour by hour, step by step, mile by mile. When measured over time, the effects of consistent, steady movement can be stunning.

    If you aspire to be part of an outstanding business, church, school, family, or simply live an inspiring life, there is no substitute for faithfulness over time.

    In these pages, Manion's tested advice will provide you:

    • The plan to achieve your dreams through steady progress over time
    • The tools necessary to lead, serve, and love others over a lifetime, without sacrificing your passion.
    • The motivation you need to stick with it for the long haul.

    See lasting results in your spiritual health, within your marriage and family, and in the quality of your work when you Dream Big, but Think Small.