Christy of Cutter Gap - Set of 6

Christy of Cutter Gap - Set of 6
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    Author: Catherine Marshall; Adapted by C. Archer
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Evergreen Farm
    Series: Christy of Cutter Gap
    Ages: 8 to 14
    Size: 5½ X 8½
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    Titles include:

    The Bridge to Cutter Gap

    Christy Huddleston's dream was to teach the poor mountain children. But she never imagined that the treacherous journey from Asheville into the heart of the Smoky Mountains would bring danger into the lives of one mountain family.

    Join Christy as she crosses the bridge from the familiar world of city life into the strange, new world of Cutter Gap.

    Silent Superstitions

    Everybody in the Cove seems to believe their new school teacher, nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston, is cursed. After all, who could explain Bob Allen's accident on his way to meet Christy? Or the lightning strike that sent a tree through the school window... or the sinister raven soaring around Christy?

    Will fear and superstition triumph? Or will Christy win over the hearts of the mountain people?

    The Angry Intruder

    Headstrong and independent, Christy is determined to change the lives of the children in Cutter Gap. Apparently, Christy has angered someone enough to cause a string of mysterious pranks. Miss Alice warns Christy to be careful as the pranks become more threatening.

    What will Christy do when one of her own students turns against her?

    Midnight Rescue

    Young Ruby Mae Morrison and the mission's black stallion vanish in a furious storm and Christy is determined to find them. As Christy desperately searches for Ruby Mae in the cold, blinding rain, she runs headlong into three angry moonshiners bent on revenge against anyone who might try to stop their illegal activities.

    Can Christy survive this most terrifying test of her faith and courage?

    The Proposal

    Christy should be thrilled when David, the handsome minister, proposes marriage. So why do thoughts of Dr. Neil MacNeil keep popping into her head? Before she gives David her answers, Christy is blinded in a terrible riding accident and all her dreams are threatened.

    Will Christy be able to teach again? And what does this mean for David's proposal?

    Christy's Choice

    When Christy is offered a chance to teach in her hometown she faces a difficult decision. Will her train ride back to Cutter Gap be a journey home or a last farewell? Suddenly, the train carrying Christy breaks from the track and plunges down the side of the mountain.

    In a moment of terror and danger, she must decide where her future lies.