Parties in the Garden - Chippy Chipmunk

Parties in the Garden - Chippy Chipmunk
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    Author: Kathy M. Miller
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Celtic Sunrise
    Series: Chippy Chipmunk
    Ages: 4 to 10
    Size: 11½ X 8¾
    Total Pages: 42
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    This award-winning story is based on delightful photographs of a chipmunk's charming antics as he explores the author's garden.

    Based in a natural setting, this story enlightens as well as entertains. The photographs give the reader a close-up view of the Eastern Chipmunk. The harnessed energy in a still frame provides interesting expressions not available to the naked eye.

    Few can resist the charm of these lively, independent woodland creatures when they pause in their scampering to gaze cheerfully at you with large glossy eyes.

    The Chippy Chipmunk series weaves together the best of the visual and language arts, science, photography, and narrative to make backyard nature accessible and fun.