The Biblical Dinner - DVD

The Biblical Dinner - DVD
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    Author: Pastor Jay McCarl
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
    Size: 5¼ X 7¼
    Running Time (Minutes): 60
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    Video - "The Biblical Dinner"

    Travel back in history to experience a dinner during biblical times with The Biblical Dinner from Bridgestone Multimedia Group! Offering a chance to experience a thought-provoking meal with customs dating back to Abraham, this Christian DVD documentary reveals the important significance of eating customs and events surrounding a traditional Jewish feast. Pastor Jay McCarl explains the meanings of seating arrangements, ancient table manners, actions of the host, and the spiritual ramifications of a single piece of bread.

    Interesting and informative, The Biblical Dinner offers insights and a deeper meaning into the events surrounding the Last Supper, as well as the disciples' roles and actions. Be transported to a place warmed by the laughter of friends who are prepared to give their lives for your safety and recline at a table where each bite or sip holds both ancient relevance and holy significance in The Biblical Dinner with Pastor Jay McCarl.