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The Awesome Book of Bible Facts

The Awesome Book of Bible Facts
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    Author: Sandy Silverthorne
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Harvest House
    Ages: 7 to 12
    Size: 9¼ X 11½
    Total Pages: 96
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    An Awesome Book the Whole Family Will Love!

    Discover hundreds of amazing facts about the people, places, and things in the Bible!

    • Which was taller, the Tower of Babel or the Empire State Building?
    • What was slime used for?
    • What well-known Bible city could fit inside the Superdome?
    • Which cost more, Joseph or one of Solomon's chariots?

    Fabulous, funny illustrations show how a slingshot works, what a Roman soldier wore, what a house in Bible times looked like, how to make a rainbow, and a whole lot more!