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Animal Assortment - Pack of 14

Animal Assortment - Pack of 14
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    Format: Library Binding
    Ages: 6 to 12
    For Grades: K to 5
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    Books Include:

    Animal Instincts

    Each volume informs readers of ways that they can help protect the habitats and lives of fascinating animals. This informative series details the life cycle of each animal. Readers will learn all about the lives of these animals from birth to old age, including the importance of wildlife conservation. Colorful photographs accompany easy-to-follow text engaging even the most reluctant of readers. Assessment quizzes monitor student progress.

    Inside- A Deadly Cobra

    Each book includes:

    • Glossary
    • Index

    Titles include:

    A Deadly Cobra

    This book is full of details on this venomous serpent. Depicts how the cobra matures from birth to adulthood. Explores the life of the cobra, what it eats, how it hunts, and what animals it fears.

    A Fierce Lion

    The strong familial bonds of lions are explored in this wonderful volume. The life cycle of the lion, from cute cub to skilled hunter, is explained in easy-to-follow language.

    Animal Attack and Defense

    It's a jungle out there! To survive, animals have developed many different mechanisms for protecting themselves from predators and for fooling prey. Animal Attack and Defense, which is organized based on scientific groupings, focuses on animals with impressive and extraordinary survival techniques. Young readers learn about why an animal has a particular defense feature—like a skunk's smell—how it uses it, and how that feature helps it to survive. Books in this series provide habitat and geographic location information for all the profiled animals. Text in spreads make the books kid-friendly, and full-color photographs with informative captions enhance the text.

    Clever Camouflage
    Inside- Clever Camouflage

    Titles include:

    Clever Camouflage

    Mimicry and Relationships

    Tricky Behavior

    Venom, Poison, and Electricity

    Warning Colors

    Ask an Animal

    — Inside Ask An Animal

    This wonderfully-illustrated set puts the animals at the center of focus, and offers a new take on the Question and Answer format. Readers get the tantalizing story straight from each book's subject, such as the elephant who tells readers about her daily challenges, and surrounding world. Other points of view are gained from the life tale of bugs and sea creatures. Readers will enjoy pondering the questions that are posed and seeking answers through the beguiling narratives. Fact boxes and smaller illustrations share supplemental details that are memorable and entertaining.

    Each book includes:

    • Full-color Photographs
    • Glossary
    • Index
    • Web Sites

    Titles include:

    Ask an Animal

    Readers will hear from the animals themselves in this book! Young readers will get answers to every question they've ever wanted to know about animals.

    Ask a Bug

    Presents, in question-and-answer format, information on insects, including why insects use camouflage, how beetles live, and why spiders spin webs.

    Ask A Shark and other Sea Creatures

    Answers questions about marine animals, including which animals live on a coral reef, what manatees eat, and why dolphins play.

    Top of the Food Chain

    All healthy ecosystems rely on a food chain and at the top of every food chain there is a formidable hunter, so ferocious that all the other animals know to stay away. With bright, exciting images and accessible text, this high-interest series examines the traits that have allowed these animals to elude predators, and also the ways that their prey tries to avoid capture. Fact boxes provide additional information on the fearsome animals, while "Links in the Food Chain" sidebars closely examine specific predator/prey relationships. Curious readers will be pleased to find a specially selected list of titles for further reading on this thrilling topic.

    Inside- Wolf: Killer King of the Forest

    Titles include:

    Boa Constrictor: Killer King of the Jungle

    Lion: Killer King of the Plains

    Polar Bear: Killer King of the Arctic

    Wolf: Killer King of the Forest