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America's Lost Dream: One Nation Under God

America's Lost Dream: One Nation Under God
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    Author: Tom Dooley
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: New Leaf Press
    Ages: 8 to 15
    Size: 10 X 8
    Total Pages: 80
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    Dynamic portrayal of the original dream of the founding fathers of this nation—to have “One nation under God”

    This magnificent book is another big winner by the same creative team that brought you the best seller Noah’s Ark!

    What happened to America’s dream that men would be free and God would be their king? A nation founded on the belief that the God of the Bible and the principles expounded within its pages should be the foundation of the government, the law of the land, and the duty of the citizenry was the dream of a people who set forth from their heritage and traditions, from their families, and from the mother country that persecuted them for their religious beliefs. The probable perils of a vast ocean and the elements overwhelming their small sailing vessels, the imagined treacheries of a foundling colony in a savage land, the foreboding unknown that lay before them, none of these deterred the small group of refugees held together by the dream: to be one nation under God.

    The same team who created the wonderful True Story of Noah’s Ark presents the story of a people and a dream, a people that have lost their vision over the past four centuries, a dream whose meaning has been diffused in the same time-span. Artist Bill Looney’s illustrations are inspired, dramatic, and touching as they paint the story told by Tom Dooley of America, from her godly roots to her current humanistic attitude. Dooley’s text is brief, covering selected events and people who courageously took a stand to defend our nation, our beliefs, our very being.