All In 4 God: Devotions for Young Women

All In 4 God: Devotions for Young Women
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    Author: Megan Clinton
    Format: Padded Hardcover
    Publisher: Harvest House
    Ages: Teen
    Size: 4 X 6
    Total Pages: 140
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    Through her books, speaking engagements (including the Extraordinary Women conferences), and radio, 21-year old Megan Clinton has shared her spiritual journey with candor and impressive insight, helping young women everywhere realize God’s love and care for them.

    In this devotional packed with her own journal entries, stories of everyday life, and solid biblical application, Megan speaks as one friend to another. She writes about real issues, real life, and a real faith. In each of these 90 short devotions, she shares from her heart on topics every girl deals with, including…

    • beauty and body image
    • crazy emotions and how to handle them
    • guys, relationships, and drama
    • learning to be totally God’s in everyday life

    This 4 x 6 padded hardcover is a rerelease of Totally God’s 4 Life Devotional.