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In Your Wildest Dreams - Adventures in Odyssey CD #34

In Your Wildest Dreams - Adventures in Odyssey CD #34

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    Format: CD
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Adventures in Odyssey CD
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    You’ll never believe it—Eugene has invented a robot version of Whit! And if you think that’s strange, wait until you hear about all the other odd things going on in Odyssey: Eugene and Connie are getting married? Tom is shutting down the Timothy Center so Bart Rathbone can turn it into a space camp? And—most amazing of all—Harlow Doyle actually solves a case? What in the world is going on?

    Episodes in this Album:

    • Sunset Bowlawater
    • Long Way Home
    • Changing Rodney
    • Lyin' Tale
    • Two Roads
    • No Boundaries
    • The Bad Guy
    • Bethany's Flood
    • Potlucks and Poetry
    • What Do You Think?
    • Idol Minds
    • I Slap Floor
    • A Matter of Manners
    • The Seven Deadly Dwarves
    • Mandy's Debut
    • Passages Part 1-2