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Common English Bible - Teal Paperback

Common English Bible - Teal Paperback
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    The Most Contemporary Bible Translation in a Portable Paperback

    Completed in 2011, the Common English Bible is a fresh translation of the Bible. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from twenty-two faith traditions worked as translators. In addition, members from seventy-seven reading groups from congregations throughout North America reviewed and responded to early drafts. These women and men represent the sorts of diversity that permit this translation to speak to people of various religious convictions and social locations.

    The CEB translators have balanced rigorous accuracy in rendition of ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in English. The translators have created sentences and chosen vocabulary that will be readily understood when the text is read devotionally in private or aloud in groups.

    The CEB is truly a Bible created by the churches for the Church.